Detect Change in Elevation


i try to detect the change in Elevation after a landslide occured.
I have done following steps with a pair of Sentinal 1 A SLC IW Subswaths. One Scan before and the other Scan after the Landslide Occurs.

1.S1 TOPS coregistration
2. Deburst
3. Interferogram Formation (subtract flat erath phase; Subtract topographic phase)
4. Goldstein Phase Filtering
5.Snaphu Export
6. Unwrapping
7. Snaphu Import
8. Phase to Displacement
9. Range doppler Terrain Correction
10. Export as KMZ and load in Google Earth

That are the results

The showing Displacement doesent match with landslide Area. In General i think i have done mistakes. Maybe you can help me?
By the way is there any possibility to change the colorscale?

If you’re using acquisitions before and after the landslide, then the coherence over that area will be very low and thus your elevation estimation will be poor too. Just look at the coherence for change although the area looks quite vegetated.
You could also try getting elevation from a pair or more before the landslide and a pair or more after the landslide.