Detectors Stripes

Hello everyone.

I spent some time looking for a way to eliminate stripes coastal waters, using SNAP.

I have seen that in this forum there are some threads about it, however it did not get them removed or I do not clearly understand how it should be done.

In some cloudless shots, these stripes are very very sharp, and in those that are softer, they have clouds.

I have used C2RCC and SEN2COR, without success.

My question is, if the stripes of the detectors can be eliminated or SNAP.

Sorry, English is not my native language.


Did you spell this correctly? Can’t find information on this term online…

Maybe you give optical examples with screenshots.

I have corrected the details.

Thank you.

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Hi @kraken
You can have a look at this paper:

The easiest way with SNAP would be to subtract the reflectance at 2200 nm from the other bands weighted by the values given in the article (see Eq. 18).
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Thanks @harmel, for the answer.

I work in the GIS field, I am an independent developer, so I do not have access to this document, since, as I see it, access is via payment or via an institution.

Also, I have no idea beforehand if I will be able to implement the solution with the information from the paper.

I have basic knowledge about handling raster data at the band algebra level, if the solution goes beyond that I would have to instruct myself to implement the solution.

Just, I’m not a Java developer, the language that SNAP is made with.

I had the idea, that I was the one who did not understand how to do with SNAP, the process.

Since, this problem is very visible and also old (2015), The Stripes Observed.

I thought there was already some function implemented in the SNAP menu, which because of my Spanish language I was not able to see.

I will have to stick with landsat 8 and its low spatial resolution.