Determine a threshold of backscatter intensity with Otsu method on Matlab to detect water from non-water pixel using Sentinel-1 data

I am using the Sentinel-1 data.
I am learning to code on Matlab to detect water pixels by setting a threshold with Otsu method. Can anyone guide me how to do it? An aapply spatial window with Otsu method to process?

In Matlab you directly have a syntax for finding the threshold using Otsu’s method. Kindly, refer to this LINK you will find the syntax.

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Thank you for your help.

  1. Which format are you using as input to Matlab?
  2. Do we need to grayscale S1 first?
  1. TIFF
  2. Already S1 data is a grayscale image by default since it is captured in microwave range.

"Undefined function or variable ‘otsuthresh’.

Error in Test (line 9)
T = otsuthresh(counts);"
got this error, Is outsuthresh function working?

outsuthresh function works well for me. Try to maintain indentation as it is mentioned in the LINK

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I have tried. Another question is did you use otsu method to detect flood successfully?