Did anyone met the situation like that? Help plz

snaphu-unwrapping is not going on. And the status of it in external tools is not ok, even if i change path in userprofile.

thank for your help in advance

Did you enter 1 and 1 in the number of tiles rows and columns? This would explain why it takes a considerably time to process.

no professor, i didn’‘t change anything in tiles, should i?? and problem is it doesn’'t work :joy:, not takes much time

please open snaphu conf and post the contents here (or directly upload the file)

snaphu.conf (1.7 KB)
i didn’t change it

please change these two lines

NTILEROW           1
NTILECOL           1


NTILEROW           110
NTILECOL           10

save the file and run snaphu again.

it not like unwrapping too after i change the snaphu.conf hahah

The snap bridge is prone to errors. Can you please try to run snaphu from the command line?

i will try,thank you very much!

excuse me, Professor. did you saw situation like this?
my result is too small, and can’t read by unwrapping input

sry, i am the new guy to InSAR, so i have many problems.

please check if both files are present
img and hdr of the unwrapped phase, both must have the exact same file name (except for the file extension). snaphu sometimes mixes this up a bit. If they differ, simply rename one of them to match the other.

ok,prof.thank you very much