Difference between AWS Sentinel-1 bucket imagery to the SAFE format

I have downloaded the same S1 image twice:
one time from the AWS S1 bucket using
aws s3 cp --request-payer requester s3://sentinel-s1-l1c/GRD/2024/6/14/IW/DV/S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20240614T230644_20240614T230709_054326_069BDD_C14B/ ./S1/S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20240614T230644_20240614T230709_054326_069BDD_C14B --recursive
and another using SentinelHub and got S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20240614T230644_20240614T230709_054326_069BDD_C14B.SAFE
the folders hierarchy looks the same, there is an additional productInfo.json in the AWS version that seems to contain mapping between its file names and the SAFE version.
Unfortunately the only difference in the contents of the folders is in the images themselves which are located in the measurement folder.
It seems that the dynamic range of the SAFE format is larger than the AWS data:

  1. For VV 0-11252 Vs. 25-1031
  2. For VH 0-1067 Vs. 18-338

Anyone knows what is the origin of this difference (which seems to be the only one) between the data stored in AWS and the SAFE format? What kind of transformation applied here?