Difference S1 IW SLC /GRD products

Hi all, today my question is about S1 IW SLC /GRD products. I find a lot of information about differences between the two products but at the end I have not understood which product is more useful for example for soil/water detection. someone can help me?
Thanks in advance.


GRD products are produced from SLC products. For soil/water applications it may be easier for you to use the GRD products unless you need complex data.

Hi, I tried to do a soil/water detection too.
I’m using GRD products and I did the following processes:

  • Terrain correction;
  • Extrapolation of Sigma0 (converted in db);
  • Histogram to Sigma0_db intensity and I found the two peaks;
  • Band Math to select pixels with low intensity value.
    The result is not really nice: I can locate mayor rivers and lakes but also many other pixels that don’t represent water are selected.
    What process could I use to improve my workflow?
    Thanks in advance,

Try speckle filtering first and pay attention to the slope using the dem.

SLC is only needed for inteferometric applications.

A standard method for detecting water-bodies is to exploit the large backscatter-difference between calm and windy conditions.

I want to research urban vegation,I should use GRD or SLC ?

I’d say stacks of SLCs, there might be something interesting in the InSAR coherence.

OK,Thank you for your suggestion,I will try to do it

Also, look into volume scattering with the H-Alpha decomposition and Wishart classifier. Calibrate the SLCs first with complex output.

Thanks for your attention

I’ve seen in other comments that SLC is needed for Polarimetry as well, is this incorrect? I am trying to figure out whether I can use GRD products or need to use SLC products when looking at biomass for forests and crops, with the intention of performing polarimetric decompositions.

And as a follow up question, is the applicability of GRD vs SLC products fairly consistent across sensors/software? I am coming from limited experience using the PolSARpro software to perform polarimetric decompositions on GRD formatted data (UAVSAR), and now am wondering if I was performing incorrect processing or if it is just a difference in software/sensors. Thank you!