Different image sizes

Hello, everyone!
Received the interferogram.
Noticed a strange thing: the size of the image layers in DIMAP differ from the values that shows SNAP. Why?
Using SNAP API methods Product.getSceneRasterWidth() and Product.getSceneRasterHeight() in a Java program, I get the width and height are the same as in the files. Why he SNAP displays other information?

It seems like that I did not properly create the interferogram.
Other data everything is fine.
But I still don’t understand how this is so. :slight_smile:

Please note that the current version of SNAP is 4.0

Thank you,

hello Igor

the difference in the first image is simply caused by the circumstance that the one value is zero based and the other not.
the image has 392 lines but they are counted from 0 to 391.

Where the other differences come from I don’t know exaclty.
maybe you have a multi-size product where the bands have different sizes.
The cols and rows shown here

are for the scene of the product (normally the biggest size). The values you show in the hdr files are specific for the single bands.
You should find these values also in the dim file when further scrolling down to the <Image_Interpretation>section . Within this section is an element <Spectral_Band_Info> which holds <BAND_RASTER_WIDTH> and <BAND_RASTER_HEIGHT>. Here you should find the same values as in the hdr files.

Maybe @lveci can confirm or correct me.