Different magnitude of reflectances after iCOR (and Sen2Cor)

Hi everyone, I performed atmospheric correction (with adjacency effect correction through SIMEC) of a lake with iCOR (description below). It turns out that my reflectances are overestimated (in magnitude) compared to in situ data. Shape is similar in certain wavelengths but the range of values corrected reflectances were generated are higher (See: iCor- values under 0,15; Sen2cor- same; in situ and C2RCC - values under 0,03!);

Just to make sure… iCOR output file contains Remote sensing reflectance (Rrs), not water-leaving reflectance (Rhow), right?
So… what could be the cause of this change in magnitude?

Obs.: It’s a small lake, turbid, tropical and productive Case 2 waters of an estuary (transition between inland and coastal environment)


iCOR calculates the water-leaving reflectance (Rhow) over water targets.

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Thank you so much!! Do you know whether Sen2Cor calculates Rhow either (in its output file)?