Different Polarization of SAR 1 Data Analysis

Hello Dear Friends,
I have been downloaded “S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_”… and “S1A_IW_SLC__1SSV_…”. If I use the select the same polarization, can I process the data and get healthier result. The thing is that I have applied to add SDV and SSV data for PSI analysis but the result is really bad. After separating SDV from SSV, I analyzed the smaller number of data for PSI and I get better result.
I just want to understand the logic behind this issue. Thank you very much.

Just to go sure: Did you actively select the VV polarization for the SDV dataset in the Split operator? The split products should only contain VV polarization for the later processing.

Thank you for your response @ABraun. Yes, I have selected the VV polarization. Just curious that can we use VV of SSV and VV of SVD for PSI analysis or not? Becasue result was not good using both for PSI

I can’t think of a reason why they should be different, but maybe I am overlooking something.

Thank you @ABraun for your support but the result of mixing dual polarization with single polarization is not working in somehow.

So if you choose the same polarisation from the dual-pol ones, it does not work well?

I selected the same polarization from the single and dual-pols and it works but the result is really bad. If I deleted just the dual-pol 4 images, the result was better. I am not sure this is about the polarization or something else.

Impossible to comment what the reason could be - perhaps just bad luck with the environmental conditions during the accusitions. If you had a larger stack it would be easier to rule out low-quality individual observations. As far as the processing goes there does not seem to be a bug preventing processing a single-pol from a dual-pol scene.

Perhaps someone with more hand-on experience could provide quidance?

Thank you very much @mengdahl, I will try it once more and let you know about the result :slight_smile: