Different tile sizes available for same image

When I search my area for S2 L1C on the copernicus open access hub, there are 2 overlapping images with different tile sizes; one is a full square and the other is a subset. In the example below, the file names are identical except one is “T17SKT” and the other is “T17SKU”. Does anyone know why the images are available in these 2 sizes and if there are any differences?

17SKT and 17SKU are tiles next to each other


So I would assume that they are two parts of the same swath but not the same “image”

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Hello Courtney,

17SKU lies above 17SKT in the TILPAR (Tiling Parameters grid). In the image, I have overlaid the Orbit (2597-2) from the

Acquisition Plan for that period.

You can see that 17SKU is at the lefthand edge of the swath, and that as a consequence of it being further north than 17SKT, it intersects less with the Orbit.



S2MPC/CC Operations Manager

Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for the reply and explanation. The visual is very helpful.

I meant to show the overlap between 16SGC and 17SKT which are side-by-side. My understanding is that the orbit over this area covers 2 different tiles, so 2 different data products are available, but they should have the same information where they overlap - is this correct?

Thank you

Hi Courtney

No worries. I’m here to help.
16SGC and 17SKT overlap partially - maybe 50% - with the eastern half of 16SGC covering a similar area to the western half of 17SKT. So, if your AOI was in that area, then you have more data to play with :slight_smile:

Here’s the overlay of the UTM Zone grid that shows your Tiles relative to UTM Zones 16 and 17

I hope this helps.



Thank you!

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