Digitzing polygons around vector point overlay?

conducting RF land cover classification based guided by ground truth data; I’m trying to digitize polygons for classes, some for which i don’t have ground data (in this case ‘water’ & ‘coniferous’) and for others i do.
I have imported vector point shapefiles for classes i collected ground data for and want to digitise more polygons based on the same training signal within the same vector container; however when i click on polygon drawing tool it only shows option of adding polygons to the ‘water’ or ‘coniferous’ containers. How can i add polygons to imported point vector containers?

Any help is greatly appreciated

If you just select the menu “vector data” in the layer manager you are asked which container is to be digitized for every time you click in the map.

Thank you @ABraun for your answer.

Even when the vector container i imported as a shapefile of points is ticked and is digitized on the image, when i click polygon draw tool it doesn’t give me the option to select that container?

are you sure you select the category “vector data”, not the actual containter listed below within it?