DInSAR interferogram

How to generate DInSAR interferogram using S1tb?

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Please have a look at the tutorials in http://step.esa.int/main/doc/tutorials/sentinel-1-toolbox-tutorials/


On Ubuntu 14.04, after create a stack of interferograms as described in Three-pass DInSAR operator help, one TOPO pair and one DEFO pair, when opening Radar\Interferometric\Products\Three-Pass Differential Interferometry I have the error warning “SourceProduct @Parameter not found in the operator”.

When using Three-pass DInSAR operator on a graph, I have the exception “org.esa.snap.framework.gpf.graph.GraphException: DInSAROp: requires 2 InSAR products, ‘TOPO pair’ and ‘DEFO pairs’ products”

Here’s the message log.
messages.log (47.8 KB)

I subtracted the topographic phase from the DEFO pair interferogram before unwrap and stack creation, is that correct?
Is there any reference document how to implement a methodology for Differential Interferometry on SNAP?

After TOPO pair topographic phase removal I’m still getting the message “org.esa.snap.framework.gpf.graph.GraphException: DInSAROp: requires 2 InSAR products, ‘TOPO pair’ and ‘DEFO pairs’ products.”
messages.log (47.8 KB)

Any ideas to test if the problem is on my procedure implementation? I will appreciate any comment.

After read the Doris user manual and review some literature, I only unwraped the TOPO pair and keep the DEFO pair wraped with the topographic phase.


With the SNAP master version, I’m getting the same exception. I read the DInSAROp code but I have no clue for what is the explanation.

Here’s the message log and a screenshot.
messages.log (84.8 KB)

I will appreciate any comment. Thank you.


Hi @skuja. I haven’t tested the 3 pass DInSAR operator for the newest versions. There are a lot of changed code lines, after I tested it. Are you using last Git commits build or the vanilla beta v.8?
I’ll only test it again on the incoming weeks…


I didn’t tested the latest version from Git, but the latest compiled version of Snap2beta8 still lacks the capability to input both topo and defo pair interferogram into the DInSAR operator.

Thanks @jegrix for the info!

I have just tried the newest version of SNAP 2.0 and the problem with the SourceProduct @Parameter is still present.

Hello, will ESA provide some DInSAR tutorials? I check the URL you posted here and there is not DInSAR tutorials. I want to observe changes after Nepal earthquake, but I got stuck and don´t know how to continue.


Anyone could solve the three-pass differential interferometry?
How do you create a stack of interferograms using Snap??


hi jegrix
I have just tried the version of SNAP 4.0,and i meet the problem like you .If you have solved it ,could you tell me the solution.

Sorry, I also wasn’t able to find any solution to this problem.

2016-11-30 16:34, je Sky napisal

OK , Thank you !:heart:

Can anyone find any solution for this or find any tutorial?

what exactly?
Several issues have been discussed in this topic so it’s not quite clear what you mean.

Hi @ABraun ,

I followed all the blogs and forums about Three pass diferential interfregrom but still I dont understand how can start process in SNAP. I used 3 SLCs and obtained 2 interfregram and also TOPO and DEFO pairs of them seperately but then What should ı do? The Three pass dif. int. module gave me some error with @Sky “SourceProduct @parameter not found in operator”. I am so confused. Is there any processing steps tutorial about it?
Steps of my process are following:

  1. Stack overview to find optimal master
  2. Then coregistration using this master and slaves SLCs seperately
  3. Interferometric formation
  4. Topographic Phase Removel
  5. Phase Filtering (Goldstein)
  6. Unwrap
  7. Export unwrapped phase (TOPO or DEFO)
  8. Terrain correction

what are you trying to achieve with the workflow?
Do you mean Import of unwrapped phase in step 7?

Three pass differential interferogram process

I got that but what do you want to find out with the result?
Although I’m not experienced with three pass interferometry, the workflow depends on what you want to use the data for.

I want to obtain displacement and not LOS displacement . I want to change LOS to vertical displacement for evaluating co-seismic motions. But I could not handle with the Three P. Dif. Int. processing.

Now I unterstand, thank you.
Haven’t seen a successful example or demonstration of three pass interferometry in this forum by now, sorry.