DinSAR phase showing bands with shifted pi

Hi there,

There is strange bands coming out from my DinSAR process:

Those bands seems coherent but looks like a modulo 2pi between each… it doesn’t seems correlated with IW and/or subswath…
Datas are S1 IW SLC mode.

Any idea about how comes ?

ps: Coherence is good


Okay those bands are coming from the “Topographic Phase Removal” operator

Till now my issue is only reported in Iceland Area, I would be curious if anyone is facing something similar applying differential inSAR.

I tried this step with different DEM:

  • Obivously SRTM is not covering this area, so the operator did not change the result from inSAR to DinSAR with SRTM3sec DEM.
  • Copernicus 30m DEM => weird pattern (Copernicus 90m gives same result)
  • Getasse30 => appropriate, but does not mask out at sea level wiith “Range-Doppler Terrain Correction”…


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