DInSAR processing using SARSCAPE and SNAP

I used SARSCAPE and SNAP to process DInSAR but I am not sure if the final output is in LOS displacement or vertical displacement. Does anyone know?

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Dear Meenpunjira:
Nice to meet you! I am also doing DINSAR learning, can you share the process of working with DINSAR with SNAP? I would like to thank you for learning from you.thank you very much!

It is LOS displacement and you need to change diplacement LOS to vertical.

Hi dear friends
I use SNAP for subsidence study. I want to calculate subsidence amount for 1 year. Is it possible to import 12 frames of 1 year in Back-Geocoding step or I have to import just 2 frames of 2 months (for example first month with any other month or first month with the last one) in every stage of Back-Geocoding?

using SNAp we can just use 2 images at a time. Using multiple images is not possible in snap

Sorry to watch your means,Is “at a time” means stacked it ?