Displacement analysis

Dear All,
I am Ananta,
I am very new to SNAP software. I want to calculate land displacement during 12th Sep 2016 Gyeongju earthquake in South Korea. Regarding this process, which data should I download? Please provide me the link for download SAR images and process to perform the analysis.


Please have a look at the following resources:

  1. ESA notes on radar interferometry: http://www.esa.int/esapub/tm/tm19/TM-19_ptA.pdf
  2. ESA notes on the selection of suitable images: http://www.esa.int/esapub/tm/tm19/TM-19_ptB.pdf (chapter 1.3 Selecting images for InSAR DEM generation)
  3. ESA tutorials on displacement:
    Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry
    InSAR Displacement mapping with ERS data
  4. This video on downloading Sentinel-1 data from the copernicus hub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFXfh7zCBxY
  5. This topic on displacement mapping in SNAP Subsidence map in 3d view

If you struggle at a specific point, feel free to ask in the mentioned topic. But please bring some patience to understand all the things behind this analysis. This is nothing to master overnight :slight_smile:


Dear ABraun,
Thank you so much for sharing.

hi, i cannot open the 3rd SNAP tutorial PDF can you set the link again please

The link was outdated: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

thanks alot…