Displacement Map looks like a gradient of colors

I know this is wrong. But could you explain to me why, and how should I fix this? It’s impossible that the displacement map would look like this.

First thing to do when you have yourself this question : how is the coherence map ? Can you share it with us ?

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I agree with @qglaude, this pattern is very likely caused by bad phase quality, indicated by low coherence.

Have you seen this tutorial? Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry It contains remarks on fringes, coherence and unwrapping for displacement mapping.


Never noticed it was revised. Really great :slight_smile:

thank you. We are currently revising many of the existing SAR tutorials and plan to add new ones as well. Currently, these are the ones:


@ABraun Thank you for updating the tutorials. Great job! I hope this will answer most of the questions in the forum.