Displacement problem after Gacos Atmospheric Correction

Hi fellows,

After I got the result from Matlab for GACOS, as you can see below image, they gave me two folder, I believe these two folders is phase-radian


That’s why I need to convert displacement on SNAP, right?

And then when I import ‘’’’ the data and click ‘‘phase to displacement’’ I am getting below error, even if I try to reproject,


the procedure that I follow is

Unwrapped data—> Terrain Correction—>Reprojection----Matlab Then I got the Result

So is it the problem that might be Terrain correction? and after I got the result How I can convert the radian dataset to displacement (m)?

Thanks in advance

Always terrain correct as the last step. Reprojection is unnecessary as you can select the output projection already in the terrain correction step.

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Thank you very much

Is it possible to share how you could implement GACOS zenith atmospheric delay maps into Matlab StaMPS 8 steps ?