Display Pixel Values on the background

Hello everyone,

Does someone know if SNAP is able to display the values of pixels inside the background grid-cells?


Please go to the band properties (right-click the band and select Properties) and disable the “No Data value used”. Afterwards, all pixels will get their initial value (often 0).

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Thanks a lot to for the reply Mr. @ABraun,

what I mean is, it would be possible to display the value of pixel within the raster grid ?

no, this is only possible in SAGA GIS, as far as I know :slight_smile:
But you can use the Pixel Info tab to read the pixel values under the cursor position.

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Dear Mr. @ABraun
Good to know that SAGA is able to do that!
Thx a lot for your usual kind support,

yes, not by default, but you can activate it in the layer settings

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Dear Mr. @ABraun,

that’s exactly what I needed! Thx a lot!
You’re a Remote-Sensing hero

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