Display run time for graph processing in GPT

Hi everyone!

I am currently testing batch processing with graphs using the gpt and I would like to know if there is any way to get the computation time of the hole graph for 1 image for instance or for the entire batch process?

For example when you run the Calibration operator alone it gives you details ( Run Time, Time per px, etc). Also when run a graph or a batch process through the SNAP Desktop interface it gives the same kind of details.

As I am trying to figure the best set of parameters for my computer and what I want to do that would be very helpful to actually have the exact processing time!

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!



Yes, you are right. It is missing. I’ve put this on our development list.
You could call gpt from a script and take the start time and the end time of a gpt call. Then you can compute the duration.

Thanks a lot @marpet ! What do you exactly mean by calling gpt from a script? Like running a script in the command prompt with timers set at the beginning and end of the script? I am quite a beginner I must say

Yes, this is what I meant.
If you are on windows you could try one of the examples provided in the link below. You just need to exchange the command and maybe adapt the output

Okay great ! I am indeed on Windows so this should work for me. Thanks again