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I am using SNAP and there is an option of displaying the images that is causing me some troubles. The image view doesn’t display de “real” value of intensity of the pixels but a “default value”.
How is it possible to disable this option in order to display images as they are?

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Can you explain your problem in more detail please? Actually I don’t really understand your problem. With which kind of data are you working and what do you mean by “real” and “default” value?

I don’t believe I understand your question. Could you give some example of what you mean? Thanks.

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Yes sorry for that!

I will try to explain in a better way… If I take 3 black and white images of the same place but with three different integration time (lets say 1/4000, 1/2500, 1/300) the 3 images appear to be the same on the screen. Nevertheless one should be bright, on dark and one in between. The 3 histogramms are different but the way images are displayed doesn’t show the difference…

Is it a better explanation? Sorry for that…

This can be due to the automatic colour applied from the histogram. If
you want the images to appear relative to each other you will need to
set the same min and max value in the colour manipulation window.

Yes now I got it.
The reason for this is that the grey colours are distributed between minimum and maximum. Regardless of the absolute values.
You can set the minimum and the maximum values manually in the histogram

Ok I got it too.
Thank you for your answers!

One more question…
If I want to change the source code to have the grey value displayed between 0 and 255 instead of min and max as default settings, how I am suppose to do? I’ve been looking for a while now but I couldn’t make it work…

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The simplest solution which fits your needs would probably be to change the method

Just set the min and max to 0 respectively to 255.

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