Do I need to perform radiometric correction in Sentinel 2 L2A images?

I know that Sentinel 2 L2A satellite images are already atmospheric corrected. But do you still need to perform radiometric correction before performing Forest cover/forest change cover?

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Hello Sir, did you find an answer to your question yet ?

Radiometric correction should not be done on atmospherically corrected data.
This is already too far away from the signal measured by the sensor.
ESA is regularly doing radiometric calibration.
Calibration - Sentinel-2 MSI Technical Guide - Sentinel Online - Sentinel Online (

There is also not much to find about radiometric correction for Sentinel-2.
So, it is okay when you use the L2 data as they are.


Thanks a lot. I greatly appreciate your help.

sir, i have a question on chlorophyll data retrievaing in snap software.

When I converting snap to tiff files what are the steps I should follow

Okay, feel free to ask. (but in a separate thread, please)

Select from the menu File / Export / GeoTiff.
Beforehand you probably want to convert the reflectance bands, because SNAP saves the raw data in GeoTiff. The simplest way is to use the Raster / Band Maths from the menu.
For each band create a new one and use as expression the name of the old band. Ensure that the data is stored and not only the expression (mark the checkbox). Afterwards you can delete the old band.
You can also apply the conversion from raw to geophysical data afterwards. For doing this you need to look up the offset and scaling factor (Information Dialog of the band). Those values differ depending on the Processing Baseline. It has changed January 2022.