Docker support


Is there any plan to provision the sentinel-1 toolbox as a docker image?

There are two possibilities.

  1. A docker image with s1tx and a VNC server to access the toolbox as GUI application. Example for firefox offered as docker container :

  2. A docker image with s1tx installed. When this image is deployed as docker container, it shall be possible to invoke a processor via command line.

Please let me know if you thought about dockerizing any of the sentinel toolboxes, especially s1tx. If you know about similar work, please share it here.


There’s currently no plan for this on our side. However, if you manage
to get something working or even started, it would be nice to post a
short tutorial and possibly other will pick it up where you leave off
and hopefully post their experience as well.

Yes, that would be great! Especially for exploitation of SNAP in Cloud infrastructures.

Looks like someone is working on this, however build details (Dockerfile) is (so far) not available on DockerHub:

Another useful resource might be the ESA-RSS cloudtoolbox service: you need to register and apply for a VM, but once setup it is pretty easy to use.

Just for the record: A simple Dockerfile for SNAP is here:


Just for more record: we made a fork and added a proper entry point etc: