Dockerised SNAP & snappy now available!

Hey folks,

I posted a while back and thought it best to contribute back to this amazing community!

SNAP and snappy has been something I’ve always struggled to install any time I get around to needing them. I’ve finally gotten a working Docker image with Python 3.6 and SNAP 7 packaged up with snappy setup.

You can find the image here and the repo here.

It’s super bare-bones but will hopefully help anyone looking to take SNAP processing into cloud environments!



Your awesome!

That’s great help for lot of people, I guess.


I hope it will!

Happy to make changes too if people find issues with it, I’d like to get it to a level where most peoples workloads can work on it!

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This will be immediately useful!

OMG. I hit my head against the wall all day trying to get snappy working with jpy/jdk on OSX. I finally found this and what an instant win. Thank you for doing this!

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