Documentation or reference for OLCI IdePix algorithm?

I was wondering what is the best reference to understand the cloud masking aspects of the IdePix pixel classification routine? Either in general, or OLCI specific.

I am looking for something that I can both read for my own understanding, but also cite in e.g. a scientific paper or tech report.

I have found mention of a conference proceedings which might be relevant (based on this abstract submitted to the 2013 ESA Living Planet symposium: ), but contacted ESA and they couldn’t find a copy of the final Proceedings paper (perhaps it was never submitted?), and emailed Brockmann consulting direct to ask but didn’t get a response.

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I am interested in this also, maybe someone knows anything about this.

Hi Andrew,

we got your message via EOHelp and have send the requested content back to them. I hope you have received it already. It took some time, as we had to dig a little bit, because we are not responsible for archiving the proceedings. Nevertheless, we have found it. Regarding the Living Planet proceedings, like ESA we can’t find the presentation here and don’t have a copy of the proceedings. But, we are currently working on updating the SNAP help, which will include an update on the documentation.

Jan (Brockmann Consult)

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As a short addition: The OLCI IdePix is currently solely based on a neural net architecture trained to classify cloud (CLOUD, CLOUD_SURE, CLOUD_AMBIGUOUS), snow/ice and clear surfaces (land/water). The CLOUD_BUFFER is a margin calculated around the cloud flags (size can be defined by the user, in pixels)

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Thanks, @JanWev ! EOHelp sent me the pdf poster. That was helpful. Having seen it, I was wondering if there’s some thing more technical/detailed? (The poster was useful but also not exactly the content I was hoping for, based on the contexts in which I’d seen it referred to.)

I’m really looking for something I can cite in a paper/send to colleagues to justify using this as a cloud mask, beyond the fact that it visually looks like it is doing a good job. :slight_smile: What would you recommend someone cite if they wanted to include a reference to IdePix in a paper or similar?

Hi @amsayer, sorry for the late reply. We are currently working on a publication. But it will take some time. I have to check if there is an ATBD for OLCI L2 cloud flag available, but I guess not. This could be cited as also L2 cloud flag is mostly based on IdePix.

Thanks, @JanWev ! Good luck with the publication - I appreciate this can take a while, especially when other activities like software development have to carry on in the meantime. An ATBD would also be useful if there is one.