Documentation UML diagrams resolution


I’m new to snap. It was a pleasant surprise how exhaustive the project documentation is. However, many UML diagrams included in the documentation are in such low resolution that become unreadable, no matter how much you zoom in. For instance, check this or this one.

I fell like this issue prevents from getting the most out of an otherwise great documentation.



Thanks for the report. I don’t know how this happened.
I’ve reuploaded the images in higher resolution.
Now they are readable.


Sorry to bring this up again, the section Sub-Systems and their Extensions has the same issue.

Thank you

No need to say sorry. Thanks for the heads up!
Unfortunately I haven’t found the original images anymore. I’ve quickly created new diagrams. They are also not nice but at least readable. Also I noted set some of the information is no correct anymore.
The general concept is still valid but some of the details have changed. But it still helps to familiarise with the API.
However, we should update the documentation in the future.

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