Does Range-Doppler Terrain Correction quality depend on subset size?


Is the quality of terrain correction (TC) using Range-Doppler dependent on subset size?

I ask because I get slightly different pixel values after TC on subsets of different size, but with a common area of interest to me.

In the example below, you can see the size of the subimages and that the smaller subset for a specific pixel yields a value of -21.1 dB, while the same pixel in the larger subset yields -20.6 dB after TC.

Before TC, both subsets have exactly the same pixel values for a given pixel.

Also, I already checked that this isn’t a simple case of the image being shifted one pixel over in one case.

Can someone help me understand what is going on?

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I think if you want the exactly same pixel values regardless of the input, you can select nearest neighbor resampling for the source bands in the TC settings.


Thank you, this does give consistent results for different image sizes.