Does water bodies corrupt interferometric phase?

I am still a beginner (Doing master’s project) and I am having a really bad experience in interferogram formation, I have acquired the earthquakes data from 2014 to 2020 (centers locations, depth, magnitude and accurate date ) and this image pair is before and after an earthquake occurred in 3rd and 10th june 2016 located at (pin1) and (pin2) but the product interferograms never display any noticeable fringes. May be the deformation isn’t pronounced, may be there are too many errors during processing, may be the images pairs have poor coherence. I don’t exactly know why but I was wondering if the presence of water body cause much noise.
After applying speckle filtering, The upper image is the wrapped phase while the middle one is the unwrappeed phase, The lower image is the coherence image

I have not applied terrain correction yet. Before the export I have applied a multi-looking which visually stretched the image and then I selected 200 row and column overlap during the export process.