Double bands after exporting to geotiff

Is there anyone who knows why I have 125 bands except 62 after exporting my image from DIM to GEOTIFF? Snap shows that I have still 62 bands but in QGIS or in another software i saw that there are 125 bands. How to recognize which one is the correct one? I dont think so that first 62 are correct bands (I checked RGB composition from bands 1,2,3 and its not RGB)
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Is it really necessary to export your data to GeoTiff? You can directly use BEAM DIMAP products in QGIS:
Export of products from SNAP

This would also grant control over which bands are used.

It could be that tie-point grids are converted to bands when exporting to GeoTiff.
Regarding the naming of the bands. This is not supported by GeoTiff.
You could try to export to NetCDF4, if you don’t want to use BEAM-DIMAP. This keeps the names.