Doubts about COSMO products

CSG-Mission-and-Products-Description-defpdf.pdf (3.0 MB)

Hi everyone! I am a beginner in SAR technology, thus I would like to ask for your advice to ensure I download the correct type of CSG product. Among these COSMO 2 GEN products (manual attached):

1A_SCSB: In-Phase and Quadrature of the focused data, Hamming weighted and radiometrically equalized
1A_SCSU: In-Phase and Quadrature of the focused data, unweighted and not radiometrically equalized
1B_DGM: Amplitude of the focused data, multilooked, Hamming weighted
1C_GEC: Amplitude of the focused data, multilooked
1D_GTC: Backscattering coefficient of the observed scene, multilooked, with annexed the Incidence Angles Mask

which one is the most similar to the Level 1 GRD product of Sentinel-1? It’s CSG 1B_DGM or 1C_GEC?
And which one is the most similar to Level 1 SLC of Sentinel-1? It’s CSG 1A_SCSU or 1A_SCSB ? I cannot understand if SLC Sentinel-1 products are radiometrically equalized or not.

Finally, another piece of advice. My interest is in having SAR data with a spatial resolution similar to that of Sentinel-2 (Red, NIR bands). This way, I wouldn’t have the spatial resolution gap (23m S1 GRD, 10m S2) that has affected the experiments I’ve already conducted with S1 and S2 data (training a U-net style convolutional network to derive NDVI from a dual-polarized SAR observation).

My question is this: Is it better to use multilooked CSG data, which is less affected by speckle but loses spatial resolution, resulting in data with a resolution (with Stripmap, dual polarization, 11m x 14m) slightly bigger than Sentinel-2? Or is it preferable to use single look CSG data, which is more affected by speckle but has better spatial resolution (with Stripmap 3m x 3m)?

I am aware that I should contact e-Geos support but I have already done it having noone response.

Thanks in advance.