Doubts of image quality after subsetting

Hello there,

I’ve downloaded Sentinel 2 data. I displayed the image in SNAP, then I resampled the data to 10m spatial resolution. After that, I subseted the image into a specific area. However, the quality of the image after being subseted is blurry and not sharp. Is it normal to happen like this? Or the problem has resolved?

Hi fieranisa,

It depends, at which band are you looking, one of the original 10m or 60m bands?
Which resampling methods have you used?
Can you attach a screenshot of such a blurred image?

The resampling method I’ve used was by reference band from source product and I’ve used Band 2 with 10m spatial resolution as the reference band. The method applied was by using the Nearest upsampling method.

This is the blurred image after subset.

Considering the lineament on the right is a road and the pixel spacing is 10m, I am not surprised that with this zoom level, the image seems blurry. Or did I miss something ?

If you look at the same area with out the resampling I guess you will see the same effect. Also the scene looks a bit hazy. This intensifies the blurryness effect.
If you like, you could compare the images with QGIS for example.

This is a scene at similar zoom level. It looks also a bit blurry.

Hi @fieranisa

Can you specify the acquistion details please: such as Orbit and Tile?



MPC/CC Operations Manager

The image obtained : S2B_MSIL1C_20180812T032529_N0206_R018_T47NQD_20180812T071019

Could you please check the quality of the image after resampled (before subset) and after subset…

I see…all right… Thank you

Hi @fieranisa
I’ll certainly check the input product.



Thanks in advance !

Hello @fieranisa
I cannot see any multispectral misregistration in the image. Thus, the image is assessed as NOMINAL for quality.

In order to check, I have compared an S2B acquistion from March 2019 (it’s very difficult to find cloud-free images in your AOI - indeed the image has some thin cirrus and other cloud that gives the ‘rainbow effect’ in the bottom left corner :slight_smile: ). As you can see, the 2019 image exhibits the same behaviour as your 2018 product:

(Just for interest, this is the loading pier of the Kapar Energy Ventures Power station near Selangor).



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All right… Understood… really appreciate your explanation and effort… Thank you so much ! =D

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