Downlaod Sentinel-3 Synergy product


I have a basic question… is the Sentinel-3 Synergy product available for download from the data-hub?

I’m specially interested in the surface reflectances for all SYN channels and aerosol parameters over land (SY_2_SYN).

I’ve tried to look for this product here and here but could not find it.

Where can I download this product?

As far as I know they are not yet publicly available.

Thanks, is there a way to obtain Sentinel-3 OLCI bands in surface reflectance values? or it is currently only possible to obtain top-of-atmosphere reflectance?

Surface reflectances are currently only available in S3A_OL_2_WFR products.
So only for water. AC processors are currently in development and will become available this year. Also as tools for SNAP. Regarding the synergy L2 products, I have no idea when they will be released.