Download of Sentinel Toolbox v1.1.1


I just tried to download Sentinel-1 Toolbox 1.1.1 to run some legacy code.
Using I got an Access Denied error.

Hi cpaulik

ESA have this message about download of the toolbox! Please try again later!

The blocked download for version 5 doesn’t effect the other versions.
I do not know why the download of the old S1TBX is not working.

@lveci Do you know what is wrong with the download?

Sorry about that. I’ve updated the link to v1.1.1
However, I can’t see why you would want such an old version. There shouldn’t be anything in there that the current version can’t do better.

Thank you. I wanted the old version because of reproducibility and because some of our graphs have not yet been updated to work with more recent versions of SNAP, but we will do that soon.