Download only an AOI in SNAP

Interested to know if you can do a partial download of a tile only.

I am needing to do a complex time series analysis of Sentinel 2 images on an area of 4 km2 so downloading the whole tile is overkill and extremely expensive data-wise.

Thank you!

it would help to mention the satellite :wink:

Thanks, sorry! The images would be Sentinel 2

I’m not aware of a subset option via the Copernics Hub, but you can download single bands and subsets with the EO browser:

However, these are then GeoTiffs and won’t contain identical metadata compared to the structure of the .SAFE folder. But maybe it’s sufficient in your case.

Thank you, this is a step in the right way. Now what I need is to automate this download for the whole time series.

Hi!!you can try the Adam Platform

where data access and data extraction is possible up to time series for AOIs and single pixels.

You can access the Python interface in order to have automate downloads or more.

Thanks for that! Will look into it, sounds like what I am needing!

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Also adding to the list, Sentinelhub. Pip works here, so it is easy to install and use.

The only downside is that it is a paid service, if you are using it in a local machine. For AWS, it is free.

This was not an option for me, so I did end up writing my own tool to download and crop each tiles locally. :slight_smile: