Download S1 data from command line

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I am more used to post in the S2tbx section, but this note is to tell you that our little tool to download Sentinel data on the command line has been customized for Sentinel-1 by my colleagues from CESBIO and CNES Thierry Kolleck and Milena Planells.

The new version enables to select S1 modes and product types, and to select observations according to the relative orbit, when a given site is observed from different orbits.

And PEPS, the French Sentinel mirror site is usually fast.
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PEPS is the French collaborative ground segment, and it provides all Sentinel data globally. To allow that with a moderate cost and low electric consumption, most of the data is stored on tapes, except for a couple of petabytes on disks, which are used as a cache. A new version of tool allows to speed-up the downloads from PEPS, staging the reading of tapes while downloading the products already on disks

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