Download Sentinel-3 using wget

Hi All,

I was wondering if one can download sentinel-3 data using wget?
If so, please let me know how.

As we know, in order to use wget, we need to know the location of the data.
So, I should be glad if one could let me know the location of Sentinel-3 data please.

Thank you very much.

Yes You can do it in two way.
The first which is too simple put the provided link in a file and pass it as a input argument to wget with something like that:
wget -i links.txt --no-check-certificate --user={USERNAME} --password={PASSWORD}
The second method is using wget to get the list of products and downlonding them which you can find here:

Thank you very much.
Just wondering if you could show me the contents of file links.txt please.

Another thing is I always get the following comments:

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 401 Unauthorized
Reusing existing connection to
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 401 Unauthorized
Authorization failed.

This is example of links file content‘3466e455-4241-4fd9-9798-a9c8b9ec0898’)/$value‘63a6d6e9-c963-41bd-8fa4-b52c7ad22d4c’)/$value

also it should be possible to use output of cart directly but I don’t know how.
Your error is due to username and password this is an example how you should set it:
wget -i links.txt --no-check-certificate --user=myuser–password=mypas
without bracket in linux and with “” in windows
see this for more info:

Thanks again for your very clear information.
I hope you do not mind to let me know the procedure to obtain: 3466e455-4241-4fd9-9798-a9c8b9ec0898 and 63a6d6e9-c963-41bd-8fa4-b52c7ad22d4c

All the best.

Yes from scihub

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