Downloading LTA data Sentinel-3

Is it possible to download Sentinel-3 SLTRS LST data from 2016 years to now in a short period ? If it’s possible then what should i do ? Can someone help me with this problem ?

I do not think there is an easy way. You can download SLSTR-L1 BT, but then you will have to apply your own LST algorithm . There are LST data available on the ESA Scihub, but this is a rolling archive and you will not have access (soon) to the old datasets (

You could maybe write Darren Ghent, from the LST CCI project, to request access to what they produce:

Well, I am not sure that LST_cci could be helpful for this demand.

The point is that the first months after the launch of S3A was dedicated to the commissioning and, if I remember well, S3 level 2 products were not released before the end of 2016 (or even in early 2017).


I think you can access the whole archive immediately (i.e. without the delays caused by the extraction of old data from cold storage) if you go to Creodias (one of ESA DIASes): according to their data search tool ( they have SLSTR L2 LST data starting from 2016-04-19 .

Even if data are directly available, downloading a large number of files may take some time because Creodias allows you to download only one file at a time.

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@sherleda Thanks a lot, it’s really works