Downloading Sentinel-2 data in Bulk?

Is there a way that I can download Sentinel-2 Data in bulk? I am currently downloading the Sentinel-2 data 2 at a time from the Copernicus Scihub, but I need a faster way to download the data as I need to build a data-set.

Try PEPS together with the PEPS bulk downloader:


You can access the whole S2 archive on Amazon S3
Note that the bucket is requestor pays.

Hi! By any chance did you manage to install and utilise the PEPS bulk downloader? As it stands I was successful in registering an account, but I did not succeed in using the python script to download the Sentinel products.

the bulk downloader uses the meta4 file, not the python file. You find detailled instructions here:

It worked quite nicely for me. The only thing that never worked was changing the download folder. The program freezes every time I tried to change it.


Thank you so much! It worked like a charm. Do you have any idea whether the program allows the downloading of a metadata file for a whole year rather than a single day or week?

yes, simply place all files into the cart and download the meta4 file containing all selected scenes.

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Thank you for everything :slight_smile: Your answers were invaluable.

BY any chance did you try and search using the search criteria? Whenever I use the search by criteria in the PEPS portal, it keeps returning “There is no result corresponding to your search criteria” whereas with the semantic search it does return back products. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

I don’t know sorry, Have you tried resetting all criteria and step by step increase the number of parameters?

No worries, I managed to use the option of the search criteria to filter out the products I needed. Thanks again!

You can use Python API(sentinelsat module:[]) if you have the an account of the Copernicus Open Access Hub. It’s easy to install, use and download the Sentinel-2 products in bulk.

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Just for the record: if you use GRASS GIS (, there is a convenient add-on: - Downloads Sentinel satellite data from Copernicus Open Access Hub using sentinelsat library.


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Also see Google’s mirror:

@charlesbrincat Hi there. You can also download data in bulk by using wget and bash script.
In Linux it’s fairly straightforward, as you just need to install wget.
In Windows you need to install wget from here , as well as a bash shell; personally I use this.

After that, you need to download the bash script from here


I don’t know if you have found a solution that works for you but I have always used Aria to download the files.

Install Aria2, add it to your system path, then on Sentinel data hub add the products to your cart and download the meta file.

Then open command line and type “Aria2c [settings like username and password] [path to the meta file on your drive]” and there you go …

there are detailed instructions on how to enter those parameters by typing “Aria2c --h”

Beware though
the Peps archive occasionally misses data product that are available on the Copernicus sci-hub…
and not just recent backlogs.

Hope this meets your needs :

The usage is pretty straightforward. The query can be obtained from Copernicus Open Hub Request Done: ( ... ) . Just copy that whole string.

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