Downloading sentinel 2a data from aws s3 bucket

I downloaded sentinel 2a data from aws s3 bucket using the follwing command : aws s3 cp s3://sentinel-s2-l2a data --recursive --request-payer

I want to take an individual tiles from this and reconstruct the image using all the bands. However the format in which tiles gets downloaded using this is different from others.

I found tutorials on recombining for other formats but not this. It would be great help if someone could explain how to recombine the image or direct me to tutorials for the same.

EDIT : Any way to download sentinel 2a data tiles from aws in .SAFE format?

Is this thread of any help?
Using Tiles from AWS in snap - s2tbx - STEP Forum (

I checked out the link, one tool that could prove out to be useful was :

However aws has changed the bucket to request payer and this tool has unresolved issues on the same.