Downloading Sentinel products from Python

What is the suggested way of downloading Sentinel data products directly from the Python?
Is there any specific snappy module or package?

I found following script and tried to used it as follows:
python --latmin 51.75 --latmax 52.25 --lonmin -23.00 --lonmax 23.75 -a apihub.txt -s S1A*GRDH -w /home/mateuszk/Testy -d 20160508

  • apihub.txt stores credentials to the Sci Hub account
  • w option allows to select output path
  • d option allows to select day after which we’re searching product

but it generates query_results.xml file only without downloading anything.
Could you tell me what is wrong within my command or should I use different way to download data, please?

I opened new issue on mentioned script repository.

Dear Kedziorm,
As I said in the github repository, the following command line works for me.
python --latmin 51.75 --latmax 52.25 --lonmin -23.00 --lonmax 23.75 -a apihub.txt -s S1A*GRDH -d 20160508
As I am not able to reproduce the issue, I do not know how to solve it. I hope you managed to make it work

Best regards,

Dear @OHagolle,

I’ve responded in the Github.
It seems that I have problem with saving Sentinel data on the external disk.