Downloading Sentinel1 Data pre March(?) 2018

Hey Guys,
dont know if I am at the right spot for this here, but maybe you have had contact to this before and can help me.

I am trying to download Sentinel1-Data pre March 2018, which are offline in the copernicus hub. I realised that I can click on download, which is somehow a request to put it back up online from the archive(?).

But if I try to do this for a second scene I get an error message, that only one fetch is allowed per person. Since it is not visible for me that something else is requested, I want to know if you know if this is a maximum, so I will not be able to download this data in the future or if this will work once the (unseen) request is done?


This issue is already discussed in many other threads, (No need to open a new thread) you could use the search function in the upper right of STEP FORUM,

Retrieve offline products, Source of thread

Source of the thread

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Thank you! I did search a little bit but did not find the threads.

No problem for easy way of searching use for example one word “offline” in some cases,