Problems trying to download LTA Sentinel-1 images


I am having problems downloading Sentinel-1 LTA (Long Term Archive) images. My script/software was working fine two weeks ago, but now it is not able to download any image. The request is successful, but after some hours waiting for the online status the image is never available. In some cases, after some hours waiting it begins downloading, but it finally crashes.

Anyone has experienced similar problems? Any problem reported?


The expected wait time for LTA data is 24 hours after which they are available for about 3 days. I recommend you wait for 24 hours to check if the image(s) are online.

Please provide feedback on what happens.

Unfortunately after 24h the image is still missing. It seems that the image is online only for a few minutes, and then it returns to the offline status.

Two weeks ago everything was fine. I performed the request and after 1 hour the image was available, and downloading was done in about 30 minutes.

Thanks for your help!

I would assume that there’s some kind of high load on the servers. Did you try to get in touch with the support at ?

Yes, three e-mails to, but no response until now :frowning:

They will definitely get back as they did once when I got in touch. Keep us updated if you have any news.

Sorry I was not of help.

Getting back on this, I think the problem is that there is a maintainance underway on March 12-13 and March 18-19. So I think this is the reason for the delay. On a related note, on February 20 the LTA was down due to a problem though it was back up.

Yes, but the problems began two or three weeks ago, before March 12.

Copernicus EO support has told me that the Data Hubs team have launched an investigation into the current issues with the LTA. There have now been a number of complaints from users about retrieving and downloading from the LTA so there does seem to be a wide scale issue.

So this confirms the problem. Let’s see if it is fixed soon!

Good to know. Thanks for the update it. Keep us posted please.

I suggest you to use the next link to download Sentinel-1 images


Also an option is here - Hopefully one can find the needed data.

Thank you very much! It is a very interesting link to download “old” Sentinel-1 images :slight_smile:

I have been informed by the Support Team that the issue was caused by a technical problem that has now been resolved.
I will check if it works again…

Thank you @Gmvillegas. I do not know why I forgot this.

Can anyone please tell me how I can download the offline data of an entire country?

In the following link explaines in details how to retrieve offline Sentinel 1 images,

Retrieve Offline Sentinel-1 Images

Also take a look at this post,

Source of the post

I have looked into it earlier, but my quota limit is 1. What I have is a list of file URLs. I want to download them using a script. Though downloading using wget worked fine earlier but now it does not work, and I think as the products are offline, this might have caused it. Now is there any way to solve the issue?

Did you give try to the

EO Browser Sentinel Hub,

Also did you try this sentinelhub Python package


Same problem. This does not let me to download the data.

Those are the ways I explained to you downloading offline data, myself this Retrieve Offline Sentinel-1 Images works very fine to me, offline data should be ordered firstly,