Dual pol db plot

Hello to all friends and experts

Is there a way to plot decibels for dual polarizations? (In Time series)

I saw an article that drew such a chart
Did he mean division by vv/vh, And then he plotted its time series Or not?
can a dual pol time series diagram be drawn?

Please teach me how to draw a dual pol decibel time series plot.

Plotting VV and VH in the time-series tool is easy, you can select the polarization with the filter option.

Technically, it works if you compute the ratio (VV/VH) per date in the band maths and name the bands accordingly (e.g. starting with ratio_ and then add the date as in the other bands, such as 21Jul2021)
We have discussed and achieved this for NDVI computed from Sentinel-2 data here: Time Series (Temporal) of NDVI

However, this is prone to errors and hard to debug if something doesn’t work, so maybe it is easier to create a stack of all dates, then calculate the ratio per date and then use the Pin Manager to extract all values among a certain point to CSV and make the plot in MS Excel, for example. This gives you more control about which data is displayed and also more option regarding the visualization.

Dear ABraun
Thank you for your guidance and response

you’re welcome. Please let us know if it worked and how you solved your case.

When I drew the decibel time series plot of dual pol images, I publish it for the use of others.

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