Earthquake deformation monitoring

I am working to find earthquake deformation by using two sentinel 1 SLC products.
I have follow this work scheme.
1 Apply orbit File
2 Topsar split (VV ,IW2)
3 Backgeocoding(DEM resampling method :Bicubic interpolation and resampling type : BISINC 5 point)
4. Enhanced spectral diversity(Reg.window width 512, Reg.window height 512, search window accuracy in azimuth 16,search window accuracy in range 16, window oversampling factor 128 and left bydefault)
5. Interferograms (subract flat earth phase with degree of flat earth polynomial 5,flat earth eastimation point 501 and orbit inter polation degree 3 , coherence range window size 18 and coherence azimuth window size 5 )
6. Debrust
7. Topophase removal (using external Dem,tile extension%60 and :white_check_mark: output topographic phase band )
8. Multilooking (number of range looks 8 and azimuth looks 2 and mean GR sequre pixel 28.68)
9. Goldstein filtering(adaptive filter exponent 1.0 ,FFT size 128, window size 3)
10. Phase unwrapping by snaphu
11. Phase to displacement
12. Range Doppler terrian correction

My final displacement map shows that earthquake epicenter point is faraway from my observed displacement area based on the interferograms.
Please anyone person guide me either any step/procedure is missing or what is my fault.

The steps are alright. What is the temporal baseline?
Do you want to share a screenshot of the interferogram?