ECMWF data missing for MTI processed S2A?

I noticed that the ECMWF auxiliary data is missing for granules processed at MTI until about January 7. For some reason, our archive has no MTI processed granules between January 7 and 20 (which may be due to the way our archive downloads S2A). After January 20, the MTI processed granules have ECMWF aux_data included. All SGS processed granules seem to have these AUX_DATA consistently.

The ECMWF aux data is a GRIB formatted raster set with 9x9 elements @ 0.125 degree spacing and 3 float bands for Precipitable Water Content, Mean sea level pressure and total column ozone Dobson, which is supposedly of interest to atmospheric correction.

Is there some reference to a change in the processing set-up for the MTI processor?

Hi Guido,

We’ll look into this at the S2 MPC. I’ll also raise it to the PDGS.



S2 MPC Operations Manager