Edit metadata of raw ERS data

Dear Forum Members!

I am trying to to the tutorial at https://saredu.dlr.de/unit/focussing_python. For a better understanding, I wanted to play around with the data and tried to load this tutorial’s raw ERS data into SNAP (File-Import-SAR Formats-Generic Complex) since I think it should be complex data. The format is *.raw and there is no metadata attached to it.
When I try to run Radar-Geometric-Terrain Correction-SAR Simulation Terrain Correction, I get the error message
“Error in graph: [NodeId: SAR-Simulation] Metadata radar_frequency has not been set”.

MY questions:

  1. does it make sense to start that module to apply radiometric and geometric correction and multilooking to the data? (I am a total beginner)
  2. can I set up / edit metadata? The frequency that SNAP is asking for is given in the tutorial briefing, so I would just need a way to put it in somewhere.

Thanks in advance,

SNAP works with level-1 and above products. SNAP needs a focused image and metadata in a supported format. Why are you trying to focus raw level-0 data? You can request level-1 data from ESA to work with directly.