"Empty region" bug

Dear users,

Often a bug occurs when I try to open (process or preview) the “Amplitude_VV” band of a product. The other band (Amplitude_VH) goes OK.

As an example, you may try the scene:

the error message is: “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Empty region!”


check your download. try unzipping / check for crc errors

Would be nice if toolbox could check the S1 sources against known checksums published by scihub.

Thank you very much!
I checked with “unzip -t” and the file indeed had an error with the VV band.

So I inserted the test in my script and, if it finds any error, removes the zip and downloads it again.


Please use API hub for downloading of your data. SciHub files (in my experience) may be corrupted (not all though).