Enhanced spectral diversity issue

Dear all,

I’m trying to run the tool enhanced spectral diversity (SNAP 8 updated) but something goes wrong. I tried with two different PCs.
Here the error (pc1):



Do you know anything about this issue?
Thank you very much!

Does it occur during the graph processing or when you apply the ESD manually?

Thank you Mr. @ABraun for your answer. This occurs both doing it using graph and manually

How does the raster look like after BackGeocoding? Have you tried to create an RGB image to check the quality of the coregistration?

This is how the image looks like with a rgb syntesys using:

red = intensity (master)
green = intesity (slave)

In yellow (not change) the Stromboli island. All around the sea. I think the coregistration is good…

Looks alright, yes. But I wonder why your temporal baselines is so large. The area outside the fromation in the center has drastically changed.

The area outside the centre is the seaside (sorry typo above) … I guess it should be normal

maybe something about the sea areas is conflicting with the ESD operator - @estebanaguilera Do you have an idea?

@OmarMa have you managed to coregister a pair of images with a shorter temporal baseline?

I think it would be useful to visualize the burst layout on top of the island. This is possible with the TOPS Split operator. The ESD operator relies on coherent areas in the burst overlaps.

I have similar problem, stuck when try to execute enhanced spectral diversity, in my case, stack product from corregistration (S1 back geocoding) just appearing master image, while the slave just show blank(blacked appear)…

does it look alright before ESD?

Dear @estebanaguilera and @ABraun,
sorry about the late answer but I need time to run further tests.
I guess I got what was wrong: I processed only one burst running TOPSAR-Split…if I select more than 1 burst at this level of the processing chain, afterwords, the enhanced spectral diversity goes well, without errors.
Does this explanation make sense for you?
Thank you very much for your support!

I also processed only one burst through running TOPSAR-Split and got the same ESD problem. But I found a note from the ´TOPS Interferometry Tutorial´ , page 8.
“The Enhanced Spectal Diversity (ESD) operator is only needed when you select more than one burst. If you only selected one burst in the TOPS Split step, you do not need the ESD operator.”


Thank you very much Mr. @ChrisWong!

I guess this is a great example for a misunderstanding. The task ESD operator is to adjust the shifts between several bursts. If you had mentioned in your first post that you are using only one burst, we could have helped you right away.
To be honest, I didn’t notice your last responce from one month ago, so thanks to @ChrisWong for sharing his answer.

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You are definitely right Mr. @ABraun, I should have mentioned that I was using a single burst. Thanks for your usual support. As my grandmother said “help the others to help you” :sweat_smile:.

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