Envisat-1 ASAR Coregistration Error "-1"


Hi All!
I am trying to perform the Coregistation Envisat-1 ASAR Image Mode Single-Look Complex (ASA_IMS_1P).
Here are the steps I’ve done so far:

  1. Radar -> Apply Orbit File
  2. Radar -> Coregistration -> Coregistation

I have error “-1”. What is error? Can you please help me with this matter?

P.S. I did the same steps but with the first five images, and everything went well.


have you had a look at all processed files (after applying the orbit files) if the images were created correctly?


Yes, I had look all the images after Apply orbit… All 9 images .dim i see (i_vv, q_vv, intensity_vv).


and does the intensity band look alright?
Maybe you can identify the product which causes the error by leaving out all but one at a time.


Yes, look alright. Below is a group of files with Apply orbit, no errors.

InSAR Stack Information:

InSAR Stack baselines:

But in new file Full_Stack bands not show.


Which option did you chose for the Offset Method: ORBIT or GEOLOCATION?


Selected ORBIT.


hm, that’s also ok.

Did you try chosing another image as master?


No, only tried make Coregistration first 5 images and this process well done.