Envisat Raw (level 0) data support

Is Envisat Raw (level 0) data supported by SNAP? I looked around and did not find a mention of the levels that are supported. I understand that ESA now provides only Envisat SLC (level 1) products, except for special requests. We have a large amount of Envisat raw data in the WInSAR archive for the western USA.

Sorry Eric, but Level 0 is not supported.

What kind of support would be useful, given that the data is unfocused?

Thanks for confirming. I did not think that SNAP had a SAR focusing module.

This question came up because a student in our UNAVCO InSAR with ISCE+ Short Course downloaded an Envisat raw Level 0 product (ASA_IM__0…N1) to their computer and then tried to open it. They had previously installed SNAP and it recognized the “.N1” file type as a SNAP-supported file but then did nothing. It seems like it would be helpful to have SNAP print a simple error message like “Level 0 data is not supported”.