EO Algorithm Contest

As many remote sensing experts frequent this forum, I thought some of them would be interested in the EO Algorithm Contest that Sinergise is organizing, called “Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest”.
The objective of the contest is to gather easy-to-be-used scripts to work with Sentinel and Landsat data addressing the following topics:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Marine environment
  • Snow and Glaciers
  • Disaster management and prevention
  • Air quality and Urban planning

Alternatively, if there are ideas for other subjects, they may be submitted in an open category.

All scripts will be put in the Custom Script GitHub repository, open for anyone to be used (CC-BY license applies).

We would like to call upon all the remote sensing experts to share their knowledge with the community. There are 20 prizes waiting…

Find more info on the Contest web-page:


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This seems to be quite an out of topic post , as SNAP can not be used in a JS script…good advertising strategy anyway…
Even if I am not a moderator it can be useful to remind to all of us that this forum has specific targets:

You are right, this is not related to SNAP directly even though one could actually port many of the SNAP algorithms to Custom script easily (we have done so with Leaf area index).
I apologize if this might be seen as abuse of the forum. it is just that I found discussions on this forum very often going beyond the scope of SNAP, providing useful answers about various Sentinel technical issues. So I thought it is not too much out of the line…

Initially, I also thought that it is a bit offtopic, but then I thought that many experts are here in the forum and that it is of broader interest to spread the contest. In the end, we all want the same, get the most out of satellite data for monitoring the environment.
But Cassis you are right, too. This forum has a dedicated purpose and I rejected already some posts, but in this case, I thought it is good to keep it.


Well, specifying that the SNAP algorithms can exported to Sentinel Hub improves a bit the situation :wink:
of course, a part from the specific case, I was just wondering what would happen if any RS enterprise began to post on the forum about its own initiatives related to EO. Maybe a separate section of the forum, concerning third parties ideas, could be a solution. BTW, I know the moderators here are really careful about the posts. My point was mainly an opinion + reminder.

I think it’s great that anything EO related is on topic. It doesn’t matter if it’s SNAP, PolSARPro, GEE, SentinelHub or whatever. It’s all good just as long as the posts are in the right categories so anyone who wants to follow can. This forum is one of the most active in the EO community.